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We have been working throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic to provide vital surgical skills’ training

Our hands-on tuition in microsurgery, keyhole and robotic surgery, improves outcomes for thousands of people every year living with acute and chronic disease and disability, and transforms patient care. COVID-19 has had an undeniable impact on our work – a dramatic loss in charitable income plus soaring operational costs, due to the enlarged safety measures we have had to implement. We encounter a daily struggle to adapt to decreased funding, set against increased levels of demand for our services.

Please help us to continue our vital surgical training initiatives and transform countless lives. Please donate online now.

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The Griffin Institute & COVID-19

Our surgical skills training is vital:

  • It is estimated up to half of major complications after surgery can be avoided through optimal preparation, and high-quality training
  • With the rapid increase in technological developments and the uptake of new Minimally Invasive Surgical procedures, there is an urgent need to provide precise training in these specialist areas


We are proud of our training programmes for complex operating procedures, which push at the forefront of global surgical skills’ development and benefit patient safety and well-being. 

As with all charities, COVID-19 has had an undeniable impact on our work, and we face huge economic pressures caused by a substantial decrease in income, together with soaring operational costs.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Surgical Training

COVID-19 has had a major effect. All aspects of medical education have been severely impacted by the pandemic, with the preparation of the next generation of surgeons becoming a secondary issue; a situation which may seriously impinge on patient safety in the future. 

We are proud that we are open for business and able to offer advanced training to surgeons. Since travel abroad has been so restricted, delivering vital training in the UK has become a priority. 

We are extremely grateful for your support which will benefit patient safety and improve outcomes by allowing us to maintain our training programmes and transform countless lives.

About The Griffin Institute

The Griffin Institute is a leading training and medical research charity of nearly 30 years, which works to improve outcomes for patients of all ages who are living with acute and chronic disease and disability. We convert the best in surgical skills’ training and scientific endeavour into genuine successes which transform patient care. Our ultimate objective is to restore patient quality of life and health.

John Griffin in the Lab at The Griffin Institute